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Worms in horses are a significant worry for many people and for good reason - high worm burdens can lead to weight loss, diarrhoea and colic. We recommend using Testing to guide the use of de-worming treatments.  This prevents unnecessary use of product that can then lead to a build up of resistance as well as a negative impact on pasture health.  Once you register, one of our team will soon be in touch to make sure we've got the correct details and to arrange a first sampling date.

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What Does the Scheme Include?

3x Worm Egg Counts

  • Performed in house with the aim of giving you same day results

  • You will be reminded when a sample is due for collection and analysis

  • These will be spaced roughly between April and October dependent on weather


1x Equisal Test

  • A Saliva test to assess for Tapeworm Burden

  • Done once a year in October


1x Worm Egg Reduction Test

  • In the event you have an animal with a high burden that needs testing we will recommend a follow up test to check that the treatment has worked fully


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