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About Us

The practice opened in October 2021 and is owned and run by Howard Kellock and his wife Katrina. Howard has provided veterinary care in Norfolk for the last 10 years and recently decided to start up his own practice. This was prompted by the increasing corporate ownership of Large Animal Vets in the area as well as a desire to provide a better more bespoke service to the clients.  We have invested heavily in modern kit so that no aspect of first opinion veterinary services is neglected and a complete range of preventative and diagnostic services are available. It is important that your Vets stay up to date with modern medicine and advances which is why we encourage our vets to keep up to date with Continuing Education and encourage membership of the British Cattle Veterinary Association and the British Equine Veterinary Association.

5 months after opening Emily joined the team.  She is from a local farming family and has worked with cattle and sheep all of her life and is now building a small flock of pedigree Border Leicesters.  She has 2 dogs, a working collie called Nell and a Labrador called Brock who you will usually find joining us in the office.

Amy joined the team soon after in April 2022 having had some time out of the industry over Covid.  She is a kind, compassionate and thorough vet, exactly the sort of person we wanted to join our team.  When not at work she's usually with her family, her 3 horses and Shetland.

Jenny was the next Vet to join the team a year later in March 2023.  As well as being a fantastic vet she is an excellent, fun human being.  She won't often be seen without her enthusiastic Collie Rufus in tow.  

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Kindness - Transparency - Community - Sustainability


Fakenham Farm and Equine Vets is driven to achieve clinical excellence whilst being guided by the following principles.


  • Kindness - We believe that kindness should be the basis of our interactions, both with you and your animals.  We will do everything we can to help at any time and in any situation.

  • Transparency - We are open about the decisions we make, how we choose our prices and what we are aiming for; we hope that this helps you to trust in our advice and who we are.

  • Community - We believe that your Vets should be part of your community.  We will be involved, approachable and actively support local events. 

  • Sustainability - We strongly believe that it is our duty to aim for a positive impact on the environment and the planet.  Sustainability needs proactive change to management and processes as well as making sure food production is efficient.

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