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Pre-Purchase Examination (Vettings)

Buying a new horse can be an exciting but daunting prospect. At Fakenham Farm and Equine Vets we work hard to take some of the stress and worry out of the process. We want you to feel that you can ask us any question at any point in the process and know that you will be given the best advice possible. We are here to help you make an informed decision and where necessary make you aware of any potential risks that come with purchasing a horse.

One decision we will help you to make is whether to have a 2 stage or 5 stage examination. We would often recommend the more thorough 5 stage although there are some circumstances where this is not appropriate. In some cases additional procedures may be required; these can include strangles testing, endoscopy, x-rays, all of which can be performed at the time of the examination if needed.

Stage 1

Thorough Clinical Examination

Stage 2

Trot Up, inc. lungeing and flexion tests

Stage 3

Strenuous exercise phase

Stage 4

Rest Phase

Stage 5

Second trot up and final examination

Training of Foals

On the day of the vetting you will receive a phone call from the vet before the examination and then as soon as possible afterwards with a written report provided within 24 hours.

Facilities required

• Dark stable for eye examination

• Smooth, hard surface for trot up

• School or flat field to ride/lunge in

• Firm surface for small lunge circle

• Somebody to trot up, lunge and ride horse

• The Passport must be present

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