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Visit Charges and Zone Visits

Tuesday - Blue

Wednesday - Orange

Thursday - Green

Friday - Pink

Standard Visit - £44

Pre-Booked Visit - £33

Zone Visit - £20                                          

(These prices include VAT)


Our standard visit charge is for all work that is booked on the same day as the appointment.  In order to encourage booking appointments ahead of time we have a reduced call out fee for anything booked in advance.  In order to qualify for a pre-booked visit, the appointment must be made by 3pm the previous working day.


We run a zone visit scheme to help you save money on your veterinary costs as well as to help us to be more efficient with fuel use and to lower our environmental impact.  Zone visit days are designed for all routine work but do not include Pre-Purchase Examinations, Emergency Call-Outs or Prolonged Investigation.  Zone Visit Days will be on a 'first come - first serve' basis.  If you are not sure what day you fall under, give us a call to check.

In order to qualify for a zone visit, you must book in by 3pm the previous working day.  We will ask for your time preference AM or PM and will always try to accomadate requests the best we can.  


You will be contacted the afternoon before your appointment to be advised of your allocated time slot.  Please be understanding that emergencies can cause this to change.

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